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The Cheapest Way to Buy or Sell US Dollars in Calgary

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  Currency exchange rates can be found in several different ways. Commonly they can be found on the websites of a foreign exchange company or bank. Alternatively, some banks and companies require you to call in because exchange rates change constantly. Below is a table that contains the exchange rates offered by all the major Canadian banks. Generally, the banks’ spreads are relatively similar but there are large mark ups embedded within.

Bank Markup % Source
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) 2.60% RBC Exchange Rates
TD Bank 2.60% TD Exchange Rates
Scotia Bank 2.80% Scotia Bank Exchange Rates
Bank of Montreal (BMO) 2.60% BMO Exchange Rates
CIBC 3.30% CIBC Exchange Rates
Desjardins 2.50% Desjardins Exchange Rates
HSBC 2.10% HSBC Exchange Rates




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In summary, as can be seen above, banks charge substantial fees when buying or selling US dollars. Hardly surprising, this represents an opportunity to save money. To determine the amount of potential savings, you can simply multiply the difference between exchange rates of the bank and an alternate currency exchange provider by the amount of your transaction. Alternatively, you can check the rate to buy US$1,000 at a bank and compare that with the rate of another currency exchange provider. Upon doing so, you can decide whether or not the savings are worth it to you. Keep in mind, the larger the amount the greater the savings become, so it is recommended that small transactions are done with the bank while large transactions are worth taking the time to seek a better rate.

(It is important to remember that exchange rates fluctuate in real time and are constantly changing based on market events.)


Currency Exchange Calgary

Currency Exchange Calgary is the leading currency exchange service provider in Canada. With an array of different foreign exchange services, we specialize in helping Canadians save money on currency exchange. There are various different options when looking to convert your funds. It can sometimes be difficult finding the best service provider. You must find a provider that offers good rates, is trust worthy and convenient. It is also important that you find out whether or not the company you are working with is regulated. A good indicator of whether or not the provider is regulated is if they require your identity. If the company is registered with FINTRAC, they will require a piece of ID to identify who you are. This is to avoid money laundering as well as terrorist financing. The process of finding out this information can require a fair bit of research. We recommend calling various different providers and asking all the necessary questions. At this time you can also ask for a live quote for comparing purposes. We also recommend doing some research online. A good place to start is customer reviews of the service, which you can find on the company’s website or on forums. Next, it is important that you check to see they have a registration number with FINTRAC. This will ensure their registration is up to date, and that they are fully regulated. Once you have confirmed they are trustworthy, you can now see if their services match your needs. You can typically find this under the services page of their website. Things that you should look for include:

Whether or not they deal with cash Are there any additional fees or charges Are there any obligations to transact What currencies to do they deal with What is the minimum amount to transact Where is the company located Are all of the services available online/on the phone Do they charge for bank transfers or wire transfers This is just a start of the questions you should be looking up answers for when researching a currency exchange company in Calgary.

Currency Exchange Calgary vs. Competitors

At Currency Exchange Calgary, we have an array of different foreign exchange services to match your needs. To begin with, all of our transactions take place through bank transfers, meaning you will never have to physically come in and exchange money. This gives you the comfort and flexibility to exchange funds from wherever you may be.

Currency Exchange Calgary – How to Send Funds

When sending funds to us, you have a few options. The first option is a wire transfer. This is a quick method of transferring funds, but can sometimes have a fee associated with it. Call your banking provider to inquire about any fees or charges. The next method of transferring funds to us is through a bill payment. We are listed in the bill payment section of various online banking systems. You can therefore simply send us the funds the same way you would send funds to any of your other bill payees, such as credit cards, hydro or any other bills. This is a completely free method of transfer. If you happen to bank with the same banking provider as us (Bank of Montreal), you can also send the funds to us through branch transfer. This is completely free and is a relatively quick method. If none of the transfer methods above work for your situation, we usually will recommend using EFT (electronic fund transfer) services to send the money. This process allows us to debit and credit your accounts upon request. This is also a completely free method of transfer. The only down side to the EFT service is that it can take up to 5 business days for the process to take place

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