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Currency Exchange in Calgary

As the world gets smaller and smaller, more people have the need to exchange currency. Whether you need to convert currency for travel, trade, commercial purposes, hedging or simple speculation, there are a number of ways to do so. Unfortunately, the most common avenue used by individuals to exchange currency is also the most expensive as the major banks offer very poor exchange rates. Most banks have a large infrastructure, administration, and large overhead costs. They use their currency conversion service to subsidize other parts of the banks. They have many other lines of business and generally poor service. It may be difficult to find the conversion department or service person depending on the bank. However, Knightsbridge FX is focused only on this service, so we can provide the lowest rates. In general, large banks provide rates from 2% – 2.6% to convert currency. In contrast, Knightsbridge FX provides the lowest currency conversion rates on the market, ranging from 0.1% to 0.6%.

Currency Exchange Calgary is the leading currency exchange service provider in Canada. With an array of different foreign exchange services, we specialize in helping Canadians save money on currency exchange. There are various different options when looking to convert your funds. It can sometimes be difficult finding the best service provider. You must find a provider that offers good rates, is trustworthy and convenient. It is also important that you find out whether or not the company you are working with is regulated. A good indicator of whether or not the provider is regulated is if they require your identity. If the company is registered with FINTRAC, they will require a piece of ID to identify who you are. This is to avoid money laundering as well as terrorist financing. The process of finding out this information can require a fair bit of research. We recommend calling various different providers and asking all the necessary questions. At this time you can also ask for a live quote for comparing purposes. We also recommend doing some research online. A good place to start is customer reviews of the service, which you can find on the company’s website or on forums. Next, it is important that you check to see they have a registration number with FINTRAC. This will ensure their registration is up to date, and that they are fully regulated. Once you have confirmed they are trustworthy, you can now see if their services match your needs. You can typically find this under the services page of their website. Things that you should look for include:
Whether or not they deal with cash Are there any additional fees or charges Are there any obligations to transact What currencies to do they deal with What is the minimum amount to transact Where is the company located Are all of the services available online/on the phone Do they charge for bank transfers or wire transfers This is just a start of the questions you should be looking up answers for when researching a currency exchange company in Calgary.
Located in the southern area of the province of Alberta in an area of foothills and prairie, Calgary boasts one of the largest populations in Canada and is the largest city in Alberta. Calgary’s economy largely hinges on its energy sector evident with the economies strong correlation with oil prices, however, other industries include financial services, media & entertainment, transportation and logistics and much more. Although oil was first discovered in Alberta in 1902, the industry did not become significant until 1947 when reserves were found near Leduc, Alberta turning Calgary into the center of a prevailing and other ensuing oil booms. The oil boom eventually led to the mass development of infrastructure with the Calgary International Airport, representing the third busiest in Canada and posing as a transportation center for most of central and western Canada. Aside from this, perhaps one of the greatest highlights in recent memory was in 1988, when Calgary became the first Canadian city to host the Olympic Winter Games.